Amiga Videogames

i started coding (basic, assembler and Machine Code) with the Commodore 64. But it was the Amiga 500 that opened my multimedia passion.

While in high school, i learned to develop and worked on several Amiga video games with Lindasoft publisher. mostly AMOS (the Amiga version of STOS), a precursor of Director.

here are some titles i could still find :)

Hypnotic Land (1990)

Hypnotic Land

Franco Girardelli Hockey (1991)

Franco Girardelli Hockey

Holo Squash (1992)

Holo Squash

Stefano Cecere
Stefano Cecere
Humanist Game Designer, Dad and Educator

studio, sviluppo e insegno nell’intersezione tra Giochi, Tecnologia e Filosofia.