Bed in da House

A game designed and developed by kids and teens at the Global Game Jam 2019 , with the theme “What home means to you”.

The team (from 10 to 14yo) worked in Rome (at the Adriano’s Temple Jam ), with the help of their tutors.

They used open-source technologies ( Unity Playground - thanks Ciro Continisio - and Fungus framework ), learning tile maps and drawing in MagicaVoxel , writing and acting the dialogues, playing the music and having lots of fun designing levels, characters and puzzles.

See official page of the game here:


To play the game directly in the browser:

Video Trailer

To showcase the game at the jam we recorded this short video:

Some Photos


The game runs almost everywhere, it’s a simple Unity 2018.3 project.
The GitHub project is


Team 4+2 are

  • Ruben Aicardi (teen)
  • Fabio Cecere (kid)
  • Enea Polsinelli (kid)
  • Maia Polsinelli (teen)
  • Francesco Bernardini (kid, special guest)
  • Pietro Polsinelli (tutor)
  • Stefano Cecere (tutor)


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